The last two years of loss and its presence, the extended absence from the homeland, and from the city in which the artists began to practice theater, intersected with the absence of an interactive relationship with the audience and the absence of theatrical practice itself during the recent pandemic, which created many questions for reflection about theater, the city and absence.


These theatrical readings address loss on more than one level, as experienced by a group of Syrian theater artists present in more than one city and country, in an attempt to test the digital medium as a new theatrical space for expression. What can this group say while standing on the edge? The edge of a country to which it was impossible to return, and a profession that was never free from the awkwardness of continuing it.


On loss: digital theatrical readings by Wael Ali and Wael Kaddour, with the participation of Nayla Al-Atrash, Muhammad Al Rashi, Massa Zaher, Shehab Fattoum.

Screening Premiere: Thursday, July 21 at 8pm LIVE on Ettijahat's Facebook and YouTube page.