Born 1994

Eye Colour Blue Gray

Singing voice  Bariton

Languages  Arabic, German, English, French, Basic of Italian

Dialects in Arabic   Syrian, palestinian, egyptian, Golf region

Dialects in German Ruhrpott

Height 168 cm

Hair Colour  Dark brown

Instrument  Guitar

Want to learn  Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Hebrw

Accents in English and German  french, italian, russian, syrian, egypitan, marocanian, base of american and britsh


Fencing , Acrobatig, Juggle, Pantomime, Clowning, Soccer, Ping Pong,
            drawing, europian Driving License (B) , Motor driving (no license)

Schauspielhaus Bochum , Theater Aachen, Grillo Theater , Folkwang University of Arts, Theater an der Ruhr, Theater Kohlenpott, Grendtheater Essen, Etijahat , Folkwang Prize, Recklinghausen Ruhrfestspiele , Barcelona Crime,

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