Shehab Fatoum was born in 1994 in a small syrian city besieged by the deseret from the east and a green valley from the west, called Salamiyah. Salamiyah is the syrian name of "Salamis" which is a great battle between Greek and Persians 480 BC. The people in Salamiyah are well-known for communisim, poetry, poverty and belonging to a religious minority.

2011 the uprise begun in Syria and the city was an active part of it, Shehab was 17 and graduating from high school, but he was participating the uprise and was significantly influenced and even embossed by it. His first experiences in Film were at the age of 19 when he made the short film "the missed" with local friends and actors and later the short film " how I suicided ".

Later when the uprise turn to a war, Salamiyah was again a borderline, but this time between ISIS, rebels and Assad's Regime which made the city suffers of all sides : of ISIS because of religious beliefs, of some rebels because it's under control of Assad and also of Assad's regime as a punishment, because the city was a part of the uprise. In the meanwhile Shehab was mostly in Jaramanah-Damascus, a quarter where in somedays around 40 shell rockets were falling daily, which made him stop his studies, but he was still able to participate several theatre workshops and shows, and he dealt with Pantomime as well as russian theatre early 20th century.

When the situation was harder and more complicated, and as the first russian soliders were entering Syria, he left heading to Europe and settled down coincidentally in Germany. Very soon he was at Theater an der Ruhr and later a member of the touring theatre "theater-spiel" touring around Germany and playing theatre for youth and kids. in 2018 he was accepted at the Folkwang University of Arts in Acting departments. he played in many theatres in the region and continued making independent films beside the study and playing roles in short films.

In 2022 he graduated and won the Folkwang prize for his graduation project.
Shehab worked sofar in Syria, France and Germany. his short films were screened in several europian filmfestivals.