The earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria directly affected 23 million people in both countries. Over 80 countries have helped in Turkey in different ways, but unfortunately almost nothing has arrived in Syria and the Syrians have been left alone with the disaster with no government to care about them and no international help to find their way to them want.
Assad's regime has not declared a state of emergency and does not let any aid through except to benefit from the aid and is taking the people of Syria hostage., Assad's regime is exploiting the catastrophe to gain new international recognition. Erdogan's regime controls the routes to and from Idlib Province (free Syrian territory) and hardly lets any help through. Turkey is bombing Kurdish areas in northern Syria even during this state of disaster.
In such critical catastrophes one could at least use airdrop to save the people there, but the international community has not moved. Germany's promised visa facilitation is also unrealistic.

We want to prompt actions, the UN Security Council should take its responsibility. German foreign politicians must use their positions to create a humanitarian path for these people. This catastrophe must not be used as a political tool.
All those affected by the earthquake who live in Germany should get unbureaucratic visas to at least say goodbye to their loved ones and those who survived should be evacuated quickly and not continue to live in the cold between the rubble.
We demand immediate political pressure to open border crossings and to send aid transports and operations in northern Syrian areas.
We call on the city of Bochum to enable and promote its responsibility for unbureaucratic and pragmatic evaluation of severely affected people to their relatives.
We demand sustainable aid programs for the aftermath of this catastrophe for those affected. The earthquake is over, the consequences are deep in the bones.